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Christian Wilde in hot action

NAKED SWORD: Christian Wilde a little bit shy


I want to know a little about what you think about CHRISTIAN WILDE as a porn model. I have created a questionnaire that I will ask you to fill out. Thanks in advance. 

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NEXT DOOR BUDDIES: Christian Wilde is a hot jeansguy who also likes to pose in the nude

MEN.COM: Drill My Hole: Men Collector (Christian Wilde & Colt Rivers)

Christian Wilde went a bit crazy and started collecting the men who had betrayed him.  First on the list is Colt Rivers who happens to be a very willing and very hot bottom.

FEATURING: Christian Wilde & Colt Rivers

RELEASE DATE: October 9, 2014

MEN.COM: Drill My Hole: Fucked at First Site Part 2 (Christian Wilde and Joey Rico)

Christian Wilde and Joey Rico are believed to make the perfect match. There is undeniable chemistry between these two studs. Joey loves to choke on Christian's big dick and Christian eagerly jackhammers his sexy ass.


Anal Athlete/Jock Big Dick Blowjob Muscle Men/Hunk One-On-One Tattoos Series

FEATURING: Christian Wilde | Joey Rico

RELEASE DATE: July 13, 2015

MEN.COM: Top 2 Bottom Will Braun - Will Braun & Christian Wilde

The wait is finally over! Will Braun is about to have his tight virgin hole penetrated by Christian Wilde’s gorgeous cock.


Anal Big Dick Blowjob Muscle Men/Hunk One-on-One Tattoos Hairy

FEATURING: Will Braun & Christian Wilde

RELEASE DATE: August 27 2015

RAGING STALLION: DIAMOND AUTO (Conner Habib, Christian Wilde, Derrek Diamond)

Actors : Conner Habib, Christian Wilde, Derrek Diamond

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, GroupSex / Orgies, Hairy, Oral, Tattoos

 EXTRA BIG DICKS: Last Resort Hookup (Hunter Vance, Christian Wilde)

Single life definitely has its pros and cons which Christian is finding out while on his vacation at a luxury resort. Christian is thinking to himself how great it is to have all this freedom living the single life but he misses that special someone to spend time with. Lucky for him this resort isn't packed on this specific day when he meets a local by the name of Hunter. Hunter and Christian have seen each other at the resort passing by but now while at the bar Christian can sense that Hunter might want more than just a stare down. The two lock eyes as Christian can tell Hunter wants him to follow him into the back of the building where the two can talk privately. Christian follows him into the back and from there on out Christian takes the lead and instantly has Hunters eager mouth wrapped around his big thick cock sucking and stroking as Christian face fucks him in the locker room of the resort. Hunter only likes big dicks but Christian's might be pushing the envelope a little too far. Christian eases into Hunter's relaxed hole and thrusts deep inside him giving the pleasure he's been longing for since he's been at this resort. The two fuck in the chair for a bit and move onto the couch as Christian lays him down on his back pushing forward hard and deep not letting Hunter escape his massive cock throbbing inside of him. Christian fucks the cum right out of Hunter and seeing him ooze all over makes Christian bust his fat nut all over Hunters chest.Enjoy!

Actors : Hunter Vance, Christian Wilde

Categories : Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Gay Porn, Hardcore, HD Movies

November 2015

 EXTRA BIG DICKS: Jockstrap Troubles (Christian Wilde, Scott Riley)

It's just like any other average day at the gym for Scott except today brings a different kind of smell through the locker room. Scott is preparing for his daily exercise as Christian comes walking in to dress down for the showers. Scott is being real sneaky watching Christian as he takes his clothes off. Scott notices that he is wearing a very sexy jockstrap which he begins to have nasty thoughts about. Christian nods a friendly goodbye to him as he heads for the showers. Knowing this is now his chance to sneak into Christians lockers and look for the jockstrap. He quietly opens the locker door and finds the jockstrap all by itself almost beckoning him to smell it and rub it all over his face. Scott grabs it and takes the biggest whiff he possibly can inhaling deep and exhaling out as he rubs the jockstrap across his face. The smells is giving him an amazing high and his heard is pounding so he sits down and rubs his cock with it taking breaks to inhale deeply as he strokes his dick . Christian is finally down with his shower and as he comes back to the locker room he sees Scott's face buried in his jockstrap. He can't believe his eyes and Scott doesn't even notice that Christian is in the room. Christian yells 'What the Fuck are you doing?' Scott snaps right back into reality and sees the tall sexy Christian standing in front of me. He is at loss of words but Christian is pissed and drops his towel and forces Scott to suck his cock while smelling his jockstrap. Christian proceeds to man handle Scott fucking his face and bending his ass over to fuck him deep and hard.   Enjoy!

Actors : Christian Wilde, Scott Riley

Categories : Anal Sex, Gay Porn, Hardcore, HD Movies, Jock Strap, Locker Room

 EXTRA BIG DICKS: The Tantalizing Therapist (Christian Wilde, Javier Cruz, Sean Christopher)

EXTRA BIG DICKS: The Tantalizing Therapist (Christian Wilde, Javier Cruz, Sean Christopher) 

Sean and Javier are in a great relationship but they have a small problem which is that they are both bottoms. They really want to make this work so they have decided to see a Christian who is one of the best sex therapists around. Christian has a few tricks up his sleeve and besides being a great listener he is also known for mending troubled relationships. He sits and listens to the couple as they explain to him about their bottoming issues. He decides that to fix this problem they both need to explore their sexuality and bodies rather just putting labels on each other. Christian has Javier lay out on the massage table so Sean can use his hands to explore his partner's body. Christian walks him through the process until he starts to become horny and eventually recommends that they have a three way with him to broaden their horizons. They agree to it and before you know it Christian is commanding them to do his bidding at every turn. He begins with putting both their asses up in front of him as he takes turns fucking them both and having them share his big dick. This is one sexy encounter that you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

Actors : Christian Wilde, Javier Cruz, Sean Christopher

Categories : Anal Sex, Big Dick, Gay Porn, Hardcore, HD Movies, Threesome

 MEN.COM: CHRISTIAN WILDE and COLT RIVERS Christian Wilde went a bit crazy and started collecting the men who had betrayed him.  First on the list is Colt Rivers who happens to be a very willing and very hot bottom.

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